Green Door Recycling and Central Energy Savers are now The Green Door!

We are excited to announce a change in management: Green Door Recycling and Central Energy Savers have joined forces with Interdependent Web to provide you a wider variety of green-living services with the same hometown, personal touch you have come to expect.

We are keeping the same distinctive white pickup truck and green trailer, the same cheerful green plastic bins, the same friendly employees, and the same great curbside service; we are just adding on additional services. We are more "conveniently green" than ever!

To learn more about the change, click "Read More" below -- to learn about all our services, click "Services" above!

Additional service survey 2015

Green Door Recycling was founded in 2008 to fill in the gaps in the city's recycling program. Now that the city is beginning curbside recycling collection, we are transitioning to fill other gaps. Please take a moment to help us to evaluate the demand for additional curbside collection services.

If curbside pickup service were available for these items (on a different day of the week from your trash and recycling pickup), how often might you use that service?
Never1-4 times a year5-12 times a yearmore often
Durable goods (books, clothes, toys, furniture)
Packing material (styrofoam, bubble wrap, or cornstarch)
Plastic shopping bags
Yard waste (branches, leaves, grass clippings)
Kitchen waste (food scraps)
Universal waste (batteries, light bulbs, electronics)
Hazardous waste (paint, lawn chemicals, cleaning products)
If you only had to pay for curbside pickup when you used it, how much would you expect to pay for a pickup of the items above?
If such a service were available on a regular basis, how would you want to be contacted when a collection time was upcoming, in order to opt into having your items picked up?
If you are not currently a Green Door customer and wish to be notified if this service becomes available, please enter your email address.

End of year recycling statistics, 2014

2014 saw the city's recycling plan advance toward reality, with an expected implementation date of June 1, 2015 at no additional cost to residential customers.  We continued to lose customers in anticipation of the city's service, with the result that we collected 4% less by weight than in 2013.  We expect our tonnage to increase dramatically in 2015 when the city ends its own commercial pickups, primarily paper from schools and glass from bars.

Efficiency Consulting

ad courtesy of the Emporia GazetteHow can you save energy and money in your home or business? There's no shortage of magazine articles and Web sites that will suggest things you can try. But where should you start? Which improvements will be most cost-effective in your particular building?

Senior community finds new life for old paper

Linda Morgan of Presbyterian ManorThis article was published in the Emporia Gazette on February 4, 2014.

Recycling is part of the lifestyle at Emporia Presbyterian Manor, where residents have about 60 daily newspaper subscriptions, plus weekly and monthly magazines.  That paper adds up to more than 350 pounds in a typical week.


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