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Green Door Recycling was founded by Amy and Rick Becker in 2008 to fill a gap in the city of Emporia's recycling service. Following a successful pilot project of curbside recycling in 1989, the city began operating a recycling center at the transfer station on the southwest edge of town, but they did not offer curbside pickup service. Amy was instrumental in researching and advocating for city-wide recycling service, but it was 25 years before the city implemented it in 2015. So in the meantime, she started a business to provide the curbside pickup service to those customers who were willing to pay for it.

Interdependent Web LLC, owned by Ben and Jessie Stallings, purchased The Green Door in 2012 and continued providing recycling service under that name. We cooperated with the city's rollout of residential curbside service in 2015, exchanging our residential customers for the schools and several large businesses the city had been picking up from.

Unfortunately as of the end of February, 2017, we are unable to continue offering this service, and we were unable to find a buyer for the business. If you are interested in providing this valued and profitable service to our former customers, please contact us.

End of year recycling statistics, 2016

2016 was our first full year of serving businesses while the City of Emporia serves most of the residences in town. As such, it was only a modest increase over 2015's tonnage.

The long term history of total recyclables we have brought to the Emporia Recycling Center over the lifetime of the business is as follows:

Total recyclables collected by year

End of year recycling statistics, 2015

2015 was a big year for us, as the City of Emporia's curbside recycling service began June 1 for all residential customers in homes of 4 or fewer households within the city limits. As we expected, the new business customers we took over from the city more than made up for the loss of most of our residential customers. In particular the schools and post office have contributed greatly to our increase in tonnage. Far from losing business, we experienced our largest annual percent increase ever.

End of year recycling statistics, 2014

2014 saw the city's recycling plan advance toward reality, with an expected implementation date of June 1, 2015 at no additional cost to residential customers.  We continued to lose customers in anticipation of the city's service, with the result that we collected 4% less by weight than in 2013.  We expect our tonnage to increase dramatically in 2015 when the city ends its own commercial pickups, primarily paper from schools and glass from bars.

Local Salon Recycles 1300 Pounds

published in the Emporia Gazette, Tuesday, October 8, 2013.

From left to right: Cassie Heffron, Kayla Hoover, Blair Jones, Jane Peck, Kylee McGinnisXan-A-Do Salon and Spa hired Green Door Recycling in January of 2011. Since then, they have worked together to recycle more than 1300 pounds of plastic bottles and paper.

“We go through a lot of bottles,” said Xan-A-Do owner Cassie Heffron. “It doesn’t seem like much at the time, but it really adds up.”


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